Yo! I'm Taylor "TheFeaux"
Pronounced like faux/foe
28 years old || She/They

I'm a Freelance 2D artist and a 3D generalist with an BFA in Game Art and Design.

I run a small merch shop selling cute knickknacks that I'm always adding new stuff to. I love working on commissions, collaborating with other creators, and I'm looking for some larger projects to be apart of.

I'm currently available for paid contract, part-time, and full time remote projects. Otherwise I have a couple of my own projects that are under wraps ;)

Commissions are Open

Sketch:B/WFlat ColorShading
Half Body$35$40$50
Full Body$45$50$60
Inked:B/WFlat ColorShading
Half Body$50$60$70
Full Body$60$70$90
Half Body$75$90
Full Body$100$120

All prices are per character. No discounts for bulk orders or group pieces.

Background options:
Transparent, White, Solid color, or Simple Gradient - Free

Detailed BGs have additional cost based on complexity

Listed prices are at minimum cost. Pieces that include props, weapons, pets, wings, and/or complex designs will be more. This will be discussed before an invoice is sent.

Terms of Service

Commissioning the art:
Real People, Fan Art, and Original Characters are welcome.

Visual references are greatly preferred. Can work off of game screenshots as long as they have good resolution, lighting, and detail clarity.

If you are interested in having your written character (that doesn’t have a visual reference) designed by me, we can have a conversation. Design work can take a lot of back and forth revision passes, so keep that in mind for your budget.

💖I really enjoy drawing humaniods (humans, elves, merfolk, fae, orcs, goblins, ect).
💚While it's not my specialty, I can draw furries, animals, and mecha.
💀I won't draw fetish art, gore, or extremely NSFW.

Contacting me:
Private messages/DMs on any of my socials or emails to TheFeaux.Art [at] gmail.com are the best ways to reach me.

Monday through Friday my response time is typically within 24 hours.
Any messages received on Saturday or Sunday, may wait until Monday to reply.

I have the right to turn down any request for any reason.

Payment Info:
Payment is made via PayPal Invoices.
I will request your email and send the invoice once we have agreed to the commission’s terms.

Don’t send payment as Friend/Family direct transfer.

For Sketches and Icons- Invoice must be paid in full up front.

For Inked and Painted - Invoice must be paid in full after the concept rough is approved.

Tips are not expected, but always deeply appreciated <3
Tips can be given on the initial PayPal invoice or through Ko-Fi.

Deliverable Info:
Goods will be delivered in a digital format only. Several variations of one commission may be given, if requested, at no additional cost. (Different background colors/transparency/ect)

Base prices may change without notice, but won’t affect the cost of your active commission. Meaning, if we agree on a price, and I increase my rates the next day, our original price will be honored. Agreed upon additional costs may accrue after the initial invoice is paid if several revisions are needed.

Refund Policy:
If I need to cancel a commission on my end after a payment is received, I will refund the full cost regardless of the amount of work completed already.

I do not provide refunds if work has been completed to our original terms. If there is anything you are unhappy with, we can discuss revisions or another commission.

Partial refunds may be requested under emergency circumstances. I do not offer 100% of the funds back if work has already started. It will be a percentage with consideration of the amount of work done and the amount still left to do.

These terms are agreed to by paying the PayPal Invoice.

Terms of Use:
Commissions at these prices are for personal use only. The art you receive may not be sold, used in advertising, or redistributed as your own.
Sharing it, printing it out, or using it as a personal avatar/banner/ect is fine as long as credit is given.

Do not remove or crop out the artist signature/watermark.

If you are interested in commissioning pieces for your business, stream overlays, game concept art, and/or professional use we can discuss scope, costs, and a contract in private. These will not have a watermark on them, you own the rights, will be a higher resolution, can be specific sizes, ect.

Buying the rights to the images created will have additional cost.

Turn around time expectations:
There are a lot of factors to how long a commission may take to be completed. I will do my best to keep you informed of the progress, and welcome you to check in if you are curious about its status. If you are needing a piece done by a specific day, let me know so we can discuss if it’s possible. I prefer not accept rush jobs, and will need an absolute minimum of 2 weeks before the due date for it to be considered. If you need a rush on a project, there will be a surcharge added to my fee if I accept it.

Depending on your spot in my queue and the scope of your commission, completion could be anywhere between a few business days and a few weeks after the invoice is paid in full. I work on commissions Monday-Friday with my Sat/Sun being my time off for personal projects

Have an idea of what you want and what your budget is. I’m happy to have a conversation about what you are thinking of commissioning me for, estimated costs, or answer any questions you may have.

Unless confidentiality is specifically requested by you, I retain the right to share the commission to my social media and/or portfolio at my discretion without asking.

Last updated: 02/08/2021